*UPDATE November 2015*
I am now mummy to a crazy 2 year old boy, and 9 month old girl, still living in Rugby and enjoying seeing the town improve with events like the World Cup, better shopping experiences and new independent businesses based in the town growing.

Hello! I’m Hannah and I’m looking forward to becoming a mum for the first time in July. Originally from Aberdeen (and then Edinburgh) I now live in Warwickshire with my husband Levi and work close by for a web design and internet marketing agency. My car is a blue fiat called Wallace (it represents our freedommmm), I couldn’t live without my iPhone and I am vegetarian, or pescetarian, as I do love the odd scallop or two…oh and as you’ve probably guessed, I LOVE MACARONI! (There, said it, phew)


Before I became pregnant, I was often found in the local pub on a Friday night with a bottle of wine, or cleaning my kitchen tiles with my socks as I turned up the bass to some form of electronic music. Now that I have no alcohol to fuel my partying spirit, I have found the healthier me craving creativity so this blog has become my platform to express my thoughts.

Why Mummy Macaroni?

As an internet marketer, I’ve always wanted to start my own blog but have never really felt like I’ve had any decent topic to write about (other than internet marketing) until now… As I find myself pregnant for the first time, I’m starting to research and read all the popular parenting and baby sites that I used to only visit in my search for advertising space for clients, the content meaning little to me without any kids of my own.

Now that’s all changed and as I’ve found myself visiting these sites for information, to answer my concerns and to find guidance on the exciting new journey of becoming a mum for the first time. The thing is – now that these sites are relevant to me, and I am the target audience, I’ve realised that the many parenting blogs and forums out there actually have a lot of good things to offer, they contain loads of useful info from real-life parents and qualified professionals who know what they’re talking about from first-hand experience.

I never thought I’d do something that everyone else seems to be doing (becoming a mummy blogger) but now I think: why not? The online parenting community is huge and thanks to all those mums who have experienced motherhood before me, I can find the answers to my questions or worries within seconds. So now I want to give something back into that community, become a part of a network that has connected so many parents with sometimes nothing in common other than the fact that they have all brought a new baby into the world.

My aim is to write about my experiences and document all that I learn along the way, to help grow the online community of mums and add to the information that I have found helpful myself.

If you want to contact me about anything regarding this blog, whether it be a suggestion of something I should write, a photo of some amazing macaroni you’ve eaten, simply just to say hello, feel free to get me on mummymacaroni@gmail.com or on Twitter at @mummymacaroni.

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