Bosworth Water Park

Last month my boy turned 2 on the hottest day of the year, so wanting to take full advantage of the weather to celebrate, I decided we should have a day out, but where to?

I grew up on the North-East coast of Scotland with a beach practically on my doorstep (I often hopped it with bare feet it was that close) so my natural instinct was crying out for  a sandy beach and salty waves. BUT we live in the Midlands, the nearest beach is 2.5 hours away! Argh! Did we want to spend 5 hours of the day with an impatient 2 year old and a 4 month old baby? In 33 degrees?!

Then I remembered reading on a forum that there was a great man-made beach at Bostworth Water Park, which is near Nuneaton, not far off the A5, half and hour from Rugby so totally survivable.

I must admit, it was a rather great choice, the man-made beach is a small “lagoon” which isn’t very deep and has a circular sand bank all the way around it, which is then surrounded by a large grass area. It was busy with lots of other families with toddlers and babies but it is wasn’t overcrowded and we managed to get a good spot to set up our foldaway chairs, blankets and towels.

The water in the lagoon isn’t exactly sea-like though, it’s a bit more “cloudy” shall we say – so if your child drops his plastic plane mould thingymajig, you may not get it back… but at least there’s no worrying about standing on rocks. It isn’t too deep in the middle, but there is another lagoon next to it which seems deeper as there were more teenagers swimming in there.

There’s also a brilliant Parate Ship play park, a mini golf course (although this wasn’t busy and didn’t look overly exciting, and in the bigger lake there are pedalos for hire as well as water sports like kayaking and wind sailing for the more adventurous.

Indoors, there is a small shop with drinks, snacks, ice creams etc and a cafe which isn’t as big as I’d thought it would be but the food was reasonably priced and the burgers were apparently really good – proper homemade with good meat!

We’ll certainly go back again, it was a lovely day out for our little ones and my 80 year old Nana who doesn’t get abroad 4 times a year anymore!

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