Review: Three, Rugby Town Centre

“Two’s company, Three’s a crowd” seems to be the attitude of many when a new cafe opening in Rugby town is announced. In the town centre there are a lot of cafes, and personally I don’t usually get excited by cafes as I do about restaurants.

However when I saw a few months ago that new cafe/bistro “Three” was opening at 3 Clifton Road, it was instantly added to my “must-visit” list. Three promised to offer more than just coffee and cake, with a simple-yet-chic breakfast menu as well as varied home-cooked lunches refreshingly different to the typical jacket potato or panini. The list of bagels, healthy salads, “pasta of the day” and the “main course of the day” certainly left my mouth watering, envisaging fresh ingredients and vibrant dishes.

Last Friday morning, I met my foodie friend at Three (her suggestion) for breakfast. Walking in from the chill, we chose a small table over the inviting corner seats with cushions since we were only 2. Even the light colours and Scandinavian decor made me feel at home.

Breakfast options are simple yet tasty – we both opted for the poached egg on toast with smashed avocado, but swapped the lardons for smoked salmon.

Accompanied with a pot of tea for one, and a bottled water, we just about managed to hold back on devouring our plates to take photos of the food first!

Delicious and nutritious, the portion was just right, everything was fresh and we even got a gooey yolk – my favourite!

What was nice about eating at Three was that the cafe was relaxed, the lady who served us didn’t hassle or hurry us at all, so it was perfect for our much needed weekly catch-up.

After having a good natter and finishing our drinks, we were recommended the American pancakes so we ordered one with sugar and lemon to share, just as a sweetener to finish off.

The whole bill came to just under £20 which seemed very reasonable for our hit-the-spot breakfast!

I’d love to go again to try the lunch menu, and Three also do Sunday lunches and dinner (to be arranged beforehand) where you can enjoy a “drink drink” with your food too. I imagine this could be a little hidden gem for a relaxed candlelit dinner with friends… for Three is certainly a place to be enjoyed by the ‘in-the-know’ crowd.

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Hannah Stephen

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