Flying with a 3 month old – help!

This weekend I’m flying up to Aberdeen alone with my 3 month old boy (he was 4 weeks in the photo btw). I think I’ve got it all sorted and organised but I’m just wondering if anyone has any last minute advice for me?

I’m flying with Flybe and have checked the rules re flying with a baby so I have to fly with him on my knee, I am taking his Maxi Cosi car seat and Oyster chassis and just using it as a buggy rather than taking the pram/carrycot part as we will be hiring a car in Aberdeen and I don’t want to take too much with me. Apparently I can take him through departures in his pram/buggy and hand it over as I board the plane so I’ve scrapped the idea of taking a sling.

Some people say they’d be worried about the pram/buggy getting damaged but since it won’t be dumped on the luggage belt at check-in, and it’s just a domestic flight, I’m hoping it should be ok.

What I’m not sure about is feeding – he may be due a feed whilst I’m in departures or aboard the flight so am I able to take a bottle in my hand luggage even though it’ll exceed the 100ml or should I just make a 100ml bottle in case?

I feel a lot less anxious about the whole thing now that I’m fairly organised, but it’s just the feeding thing I’m worried about. I’m also hoping he sleeps during the flight – wishful thinking perhaps!

Have you any experience of flying solo with a baby so young? I’d love to hear about it or any advice you have in my comments below!

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Hannah Stephen

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  1. LizzyB says: Reply

    Good luck! Flying with a baby is a LOT easier than flying with a one-year-old so enjoy it and go with the flow.

    Buggies – sometimes you get them back when you disembark, sometimes they turn up on the carousel. Whatever you are told in advance won’t always be the case. If it’s a long walk from plane to carousel make sure that you have some means of carrying the baby (sling or whatever) as a baby can suddenly become a lead weight after 500metres when you’re tired.

    Milk – you can take 100ml of milk through (depends on the airport, some may allow more) but will have to taste it (ugh) at security. Easy solution is to buy it airside at Boots (you may be able to pre-order). Then you can buy as much as you need and more. Might be good idea to try to give a feed during take-off or landing to avoid popping ears

    Stuff you may not have thought about – make sure that you have removed any body piercings or big belts before you go through security as being ‘patted down’ while being in charge of a baby (you have to give it to a random security person to hold) is not fun!

    Good luck. My daughter is now five and first flew at five months old and she LOVES flying! It doesn’t always go according to plan but air stewards can be very helpful and will often ‘hold the baby’ while you go to the loo if you’re flying solo!

    1. Thank you so much Liz, that’s very useful!

      I think I’m going to take just a full bottle then ask when I check in, I can always empty some out if needs be.

      With it being a domestic flight and flying into a small airport, I’m hoping I will get the buggy straight off the plane but I suppose it will depend on whether there is a tunnel thing or not. I hadn’t even thought as far as the other end of the flight!

      Thanks again, will let you know how it goes! 🙂

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