My A-Z of Being Pregnant: what I will and won’t miss

I’m now 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. In some ways I can’t believe where the time has gone, but I must admit these last few weeks have dragged, in the same way I’ve been dragging my feet along the pavement as I waddle to the shop like a little fat duck.

Reflecting on my experience of being pregnant for the first time though, I’ve written a list of the things I’ll actually miss about having a bump, as well as the things I definitely won’t miss, so I can at least end this post on a “yay hurry up and come out baby!” sort of high, because despite potentially sounding like a bit of a whinger in my list below, I have really loved being pregnant.

A – I miss Alcohol

Since moving to England 2 years ago and making new friends, I didn’t hang about in making an impression and living up to my Scottish stereotype. My new friends think I love alcohol. My new friends know me well. In fact, my fellow Scots know I love alcohol too, nothing to do with being Scottish. I haven’t found it hard giving up alcohol and I feel really good in myself but damn how I miss an ice cold cider in the beer garden… or a bottle of prosecco when celebrating the end of the week. Yes I did just say ‘a bottle’ not glass.

B – I will miss my Bump

I have loved having a bump. My Nana said I look so proud with my bump and she’s right, I am proud.

Bump early on & at 37 weeks

C – I have missed smelly Cheese

Goats cheese, brie, camembert, blue cheese – you know all the smelliest of cheeses that you can’t eat when pregnant? Well I love them all and I can’t wait to have a huge cheese board with a glass of wine to wash it down with. I might even skip the main course to make sure I have room.

D – I won’t miss opening Doors on my belly

I didn’t realise how easy it would be to actually forget that I have a few extra inches sticking out in front of me. Even though I felt big looking down at my bump, it certainly didn’t always feel heavy or feel like I was carrying extra weight.

The ease of forgetting about how far I stick out has not been good for my belly. I have on numerous occasions open doors and car doors without thinking and scraped them right across my bump. Ouch. Good job baby is protected by padding.

E – I have missed Exercising

Say what?! I must be mad right. Seriously though, at the beginning it wasn’t so bad and I thought being pregnant was a good excuse not to exercise but before I fell pregnant I was in a good habit of going for a swim in the mornings or going to spin classes in the evenings, but I’ve never been keen on swimming with a bump as I probably would’ve gone through 4 costumes by now, and spinning I think is just a little too much. I like to push myself when exercising and feel like I’ve had a good workout and being pregnant has made me feel uncomfortable about putting my body through that.

I’m not sure when I’ll fit time in to exercise once baby has arrived but I definitely plan to get into a habit of something again, I might go back to swimming and spinning, or boxing, or join a military fitness class with friends. I am chief bridesmaid for my best friend in September so I have to shift some of this extra weight I’ve gained!

F – I’ve missed Foreign soil

This will be the first year in a while that we’ve not been abroad. The plan was to go back to Positano for our first wedding anniversary, but it turned out I was around 37 weeks pregnant on our first anniversary. Gutted. We could have maybe gone somewhere earlier in the year but a) we felt we should be saving our money for baby and b) what kind of holiday is a holiday without alcohol? Italy without prosecco would be like a bonfire without fireworks – hot, but less excitement.

Positano, Italy

G – I’ll miss Guilt-free shopping

Yes, I’m one of those that often feels guilty for spending money on things like clothes. Being pregnant though, I’ve loved shopping for all the new baby stuff that we’ve had to buy. Usually my hubby would get bored with walking around too many shops but when we’ve been buying baby stuff (and even maternity stuff for me) we’ve both been really excited to discover new shops and getting our pram was a real highlight! Nowadays it feels strange if I’m not waiting on parcels to arrive.

H – I’ll miss my thicker Hair

My hair has always been quite thin and can look limp when I’ve not had it cut and coloured in a while. I believe that some women have thicker hair when pregnant, or some may even lose their hair. Thankfully I’ve been lucky and been able to enjoy having thicker, healthier hair than normal. If this is all down to hormones, what exact hormones are we talking about? Because I want them in capsules I can swallow every day. I don’t want to go back to limp hair.

I – I won’t miss worrying about Iron levels

Even before I was pregnant, my Auntie (who’s a midwife) scared me about birth, saying that vegetarians have low iron levels and are more likely to need a blood transfusion on giving birth. “What can I do about it?” I asked her. “Eat a big, fat steak” she said.

Being a vegetarian, it is important to keep iron levels up anyway, and I have always taken iron supplements every day. While being pregnant though, I’ve made a conscious effort to get more natural sources of iron. I’ve eaten a bowl of cardboard bran flakes with banana almost every day for the past 8 months. I’ve tried to eat something leafy and green with meals at night but sometimes steamed kale, cabbage or spinach just doesn’t appeal. Good news is though, it’s been worth it as my iron levels seem to have been ok throughout.

J – I’ve missed energy Juice

I’m no caffeine addict (yet) but I love a a can of ice cold Red Bull every now and again. Not necessarily with vodka, or with Jagermeister, just on it’s own, with no ice, would be a real treat. In fact, the last time I got drunk I was out in Leicester and got excited about the new flavoured Red Bull that had just come out – cranberry and blueberry. It was seriously bad timing. I’m going to be all over that when I’m allowed again.

K – I’ll miss being Kicked

I was a bit apprehensive about how it would feel to have another being inside of me kicking and moving about, but once I got used to it, I have loved watching baby move about in my belly, it’s been more entertaining than watching the TV and I never get bored of it.

L – I won’t miss having a Limited wardrobe

I can seriously remember me thinking that I could probably get away with never having to wear actual maternity clothes while I was pregnant. Who was I kidding? I used to be a size 6 or 8 and now every part of my body that matters has grown – my boobs, my belly and my butt – I can just about get away with wearing some size 12 clothes. I did end up buying maternity clothes in the end, and I’m just getting fed up of wearing the same outfits over and over again, simply because I don’t have anything else that fits, and with not much time left, I’m not keen on buying any new maternity clothes just because I’m fed up.

M – I wouldn’t miss Morning sickness

I definitely consider myself lucky, I have had a problem-free pregnancy to date (5 days to go!) and have had no morning sickness at all. If I did have it though, I would certainly not miss that about being pregnant.

N – I won’t miss Not being able…

Not being able to eat certain foods
Not being able to drink certain drinks
Not being able to do hardcore exercise
Not being able to go abroad
Not being able to dance all night in clubs
Not being able to go to any festivals this year

The list could go on…!

O – I won’t miss Ogling eyes

Some people can really stare can’t they? I don’t mind kids staring at my bump, I think it’s actually quite cute when kids stare because I wonder what’s going through their head. When it’s fully grown adults though, who are not subtle when boring a hole into my belly with their laser stare, it’s a bit rude. In the same way that it’s rude to stare at anyone like that pregnant or not!

P – I’ll miss people being extra Polite

It’s a bit sad that it takes someone to be pregnant to feel like there are nice, polite people in the world but it’s true. Being pregnant is like being royalty. I’ve had Tesco workers jump onto an empty till and start packing all my shopping for me, and another one taking my trolley back to the bank for me. I’ve had big, scary, tough looking men rush to doors to hold them open for me. One toilet cleaner let me slip under their barrier so that I could have a pee whilst a long queue of women formed outside.

It’s the simple things like this that make you feel special. I’m glad there are people who are looking out for pregnant women. We might not need the special treatment but it sure is nice. Take note London Tube riders – who incidentally – didn’t offer their seat.

Q – I won’t miss feeling Queasy

With my due date getting closer and closer, I’ve really started to think about what lies ahead – giving birth. I chose not to go to antenatal classes and I refuse to watch One Born Every Minute. I’ve never been able to watch Casualty and I watch operations on TV through my fingers because I don’t like hospitals or the thought of someone being cut open. Yuck, queasy feelings, go away.

R – I won’t miss Repetitive conversations

If you’ve been pregnant, you’ll know what I mean by repetitive conversations.

You know, when you’re at a social gathering and you get, “how far gone are you?” “do you have any cravings?” “do you know what you’re having?” “have you chosen names?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really appreciative of people making the effort and completely understand that these are the natural questions to ask, but when I’ve had the same conversation with 8 different (more drunk than me) people in the space of a few hours it can get a bit boring.

I’m too polite to answer, yes I know what I’m having, I’m having a baby” or “what do you mean? I’m not pregnant?!” or “yeah I crave dirtied toilet roll, I’ve just eaten some I found on the ladies’ floor actually, do you want a smell?

But I wouldn’t blame someone who did respond in this way, just to liven up their sober evening.

S – I can’t wait to eat Sushi

Isn’t it just typical that the thing I’ve craved the most while pregnant is fish? Cold, pink, squishy, fresh, RAW fish.

Veggie Sushi

T – I won’t miss Tossing & Turning at night

Why is it that when I wasn’t pregnant I could sleep on either side without any problems yet now that I have a bulging belly all I want to do is lie on my back? Sleeping on my left side is all very well when I fall asleep but within a few hours my hips ache and I can’t get comfortable again. Even turning over to my other side for relief is such a mission. When this baby arrives, I will be lying all over my front, my back and flat out like a star fish. When I get to sleep, that is.

U – I won’t miss feeling Under pressure

The pressure to breastfeed, the pressure to go to antenatal classes, the pressure to rest, the pressure to have everything ready, the pressure to eat well, the pressure to know everything about babies, the pressure to not put yourself under any pressure. Trust me people, I can put enough pressure on myself without you adding to it.

V – I miss Vino

Ok so slightly cheating since I’ve already mentioned alcohol, but you get the picture. I love the taste of vino and I miss it. Red, white or rose – I miss them all.

W – I won’t miss feeling like a beached Whale

How naive I was to think that I would be able to move around as normal, even when heavily pregnant. The midwife said I had good tummy muscles. Sitting up has never required brain power. Until getting pregnant that is. Who knew that getting off the sofa would require thought, effort and tact? Who knew that getting out of bed in the middle of the night would resemble a commando roll as if going for a pee was a military mission?

X – I won’t miss a sober Xmas

Did I mention that I miss alcohol? Xmas was brilliant last year as we travelled around the country to see family and tell them to their faces our exciting news that I was expecting. Picture a scene from Love Actually when my Mum burst into tears just at the sight of me waiting unexpectedly for her at a train station, and then bursting into another set of tears when I told her she was going to be a grandmother for the first time.

Anyway, after telling everyone our news, Xmas had even more reason to celebrate with family and it was pretty rubbish not being able to enjoy the celebratory Champagne and stay up late with them as usual.

Christmas Cocktails

Y – I miss feeling Young

This is it. I am now officially old. I am married, I am pregnant and I am turning down nights out on the tiles for snuggly nights in on the sofa with nibbles and a movie. Old, boring and old. I hope it’s true that bringing up children keeps you young!

Z – I won’t miss having Zero tolerance

I like being laid back and easy going, but I’ve discovered a new side of me while pregnant. I have experienced zero tolerance and got a bit snappy when having to walk too far, or feeling hungry or tired. I’ll probably be like that when I have a newborn baby too, but at least I will be able to wash away my mood swings with a glass of wine. Or two.


Did you enjoy being pregnant? Is there anything you miss about being pregnant? Or are you pregnant now and miss all the things that I’ve missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

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  1. Catherine McDonald says: Reply

    LOVED your blog, it was like you had taken the words right out of my mouth! Love my bump, hate maternity stuff, comando rolls to move and craving sushi and wine lol – I’ve got 6 weeks to go very and getting very excited! I have put on 2.5 stone so far so it was good to hear that you had too lol, can’t wait to see your new arrival, (I am not watching one born every minute either urrrgghhh! The least I think about it the better – bigs hugs to you mummy to be xxxx

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