How to make a Baby Gift List with Pinterest

Inspired by Pinterest’s #PinItForwardUK campaign to encourage more users in the UK to use Pinterest, I’m writing this post for mums-to-be who, like me, want to create a baby gift list so family and friends can see what I need and would like for my baby’s arrival.

I didn’t realise that so many people would ask what we need so I wanted to come up with a way to list all the essentials and note down who’s buying what. After putting pen to paper and making a spreadsheet, I scrapped those pretty quickly and logged onto Pinterest instead. Pinterest is a great way to create a baby gift or baby shower wish list if you ask me, so here’s why and how you can use Pinterest for baby lists too!


Why use Pinterest to make a baby wish list?

  • Easy to create
  • Pinterest boards are public online so anyone can easily log on and see your list
  • Your gifts don’t have to be restricted to one shop like traditional wedding gift lists
  • You make it easy for people by linking to best sites to buy the items from
  • Comments can be used to note when someone has bought an item
  • Great way to ‘bookmark’ things you find online when you’re researching so you can find them easily later
  • Pinterest boards look pretty 🙂

How to create your Pinterest baby gift list

*WARNING* “Pinning” can become addictive!

If you’re not on Pinterest already, you’ll need to register as a new user on the site which is really quick and easy to do – you can either sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account, or use your email address.

Pinterest Signup

1. Create your board – Once you’ve registered and logged in, click on the ‘Add+’ link in the top right hand corner then ‘Create a board’. Name your board ‘Baby Gift List’ or similar. Now you have your board, simple! Are you ready to start pinning?Create a Pinterest Board

2. Install a Pinterest browser extension –  Before you start pinning, try installing a Pinterest browser extension or plugin to make ‘pinning’ easier. If you use Chrome, I find the Pinterest extension works perfectly. For other browsers, try searching Google for ‘Firefox Pinterest Plugin’ or whatever, depending on the browser you’re using.

3. Start pinning! – Now it’s the fun part where you research all the items you like online and ‘pin’ them to your board. If you’ve installed a browser extension the all you need to do is visit a web page (usually a product page) and click on the Pinterest extension in the browser bar. You should then see a choice (or one) of images to ‘pin’ from that page, choose one then you should have the option to select which list you’re pinning that image to and give it a title.

Tip – I used a ready made list of baby items needed to decide which items I need to pin to my board, then shopped around loads to make a full list.

4. Price tag your pins – When you name your pins, it’s a good idea to name them with the product name and brand or shop they are available from. To make it easier for your family and friends to see what they can buy you from the list though, it’s best to note the price of the item in the pin so they can easily see what’s within their budget without having to click through to the sites.

See below there is a price tag over the image – this automatically shows up by typing the price (with currency symbol) into the pin title, like I’ve done below:

Pinning an item on Pinterest

5. Send the link to your Pinterest gift list – Now when anyone asks you what they can buy for you, you can send them a link to your Pinterest board which should have an easy URL like They can then click on your pins that will take them straight to the site you found them on so they can buy online with ease.

Baby Gift List Pinterest Board

6. Check off your items – When people start buying things for you, you’ll want to make a note of this to stop others from buying you the same thing. I’m doing this by taking the price off items (edit the pin name, delete the price) and commenting on each pin to note who’s bought what, which will help me when I come round to writing the thank you cards!

Pinterest Comments

7. Share the Pinterest love

Feel free to show off your own board by adding a link in the comments below – I’d love to see what others have found for baby lists!

Have a look at the various boards I’ve set up on my Pinterest page here (I’ve gone a bit ‘pin’ happy!) to give you some ideas.

Search and follow other baby lists on Pinterest to find inspiration and ‘Repin’ the ones you like to add them to your own board.

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Nick says: Reply

    What a fantastic idea Hannah. You could also create a list on Stork Up, very similar to Pinterest but the prices are displayed.

    1. Thanks Nick – I hadn’t heard of Stork Up – I’ll check it out 🙂

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