I’m back…

Just a very short post to announce the return of Mummy Macaroni! I started this when I was pregnant with my first two years ago and found that I didn’t have much time to keep it going when my son came along, or when I went back to work 5 months later… However, I’ve realised I don’t need to be such a perfectionist and spend hours on one post, but can simply write about the everyday things I experience and want to express on this blog. 

So what’s happened since my last post in late 2013? My little boy is obviously now 2 yrs old, I went back to work after 5 months maternity leave but I am now back on maternity leave with my second child – this time a little girl I like to call Lady Blu! 

 My  little ones 
Still living in Rugby in the Midlands, and hoping to bring more local experiences,reviews and activities into this blog as there doesn’t seem to be many blogs in the area (please tell me if you know of any or are a blogger yourself – I want to build a list on here!) 

So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts – and if I’ve gone quiet, please give me a nudge on Facebook or Twitter

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Hannah Stephen

aka Mummy Macaroni
Hannah set up Mummy Macaroni after becoming pregnant for the first time in 2012. With a background in digital marketing, Hannah is now using her knowledge of the online world to write this blog about her best interests - veggie/pescetarian food, parenthood and life in Warwickshire!

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